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There is no doubt that A/C can work against you if Indoor Air Quality is not addressed. How is that possible? Let me explain: The coil (radiator) inside your indoor unit acts like a hair comb. It is designed much like a radiator on a car. Its purpose is to transfer heat or cold air, and it can only be done by catching as much air as possible without restricting the air-flow too much. Just like the A/C in a car, you can let it go for a while without cleaning the coil, but then over time you begin to wonder where that musty smell is coming from. For this same reason, car manufacturers have adopted air filters!

In your home this means you are recycling your air again and again through this coil and your coil will start acting like a filter building up with dust, mildew, mold and bacteria and viruses that adhere. Your Air-handler coil becomes a breeding ground for all kinds of air born allergens and it will transfer it over and over into your home every time you use the A/C and even when you don’t. It also doesn’t help that you’re A/C is always moist because it pulls humidity out of the air. Imagine dumping your vacuum cleaner bag into you’re A/C and on top adding water over it! That’s exactly what is happening. So unless you vacuum without a bag you have to address the issue.

How do we keep this from happening? Awareness and regular maintenance completed by an HVAC professional is the first step. A good filter will eliminate the more problematic contaminants, thereby keeping the coil cleaner. A Ultra-violet germicidal Light will destroy the DNA of mold, bacteria, and viruses which are, by virtue of their particle size, too small to be caught by standard filters. They also do not remediate the problem of these airborne biological contaminants growing directly inside of your air handler.  In Florida’s climate it’s not a matter of whether you have mold in your AC, it’s a matter of how much and how problematic it is. Mold is naturally occurring outdoors, however, when it grows on substrates like duct work, drywall, and other indoor surfaces, it quickly proliferates and creates a toxic indoor environment.

We at Air To Go are highly qualified to perform air quality testing and indoor air quality (IAQ) assessments. We take into account humidity levels, the design of your home, sources for possible water accumulation and the specific mechanics of your HVAC system.  We accomplish this by using an integrated approach and we are trained to quickly and efficiently recognize the conditions which contribute to the growth of mold and other unhealthy, costly problems that occur in an HVAC system. We do this at a fraction of the cost of our competitors. It ultimately comes down to three major factors that an unprotected AC will contribute to.

  1. Possible health problems related to air borne allergens like mold.
  2. High electric bills and drastically shorter AC life expectancy.
  3. More AC breakdowns for example..clogged drain lines, freezing coils, and so on.

Please call us at (239) 777-1877 for a free HVAC service Naples, FL evaluation and tips to keep you’re A/C clean.

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