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Guest coming over, long weekend or football season and suddenly the A/C stops working. Does that sound familiar? Don’t panic there are a few simple steps we illustrate below that you can check on your own before you call for service.

Besides, the better you are informed the better you can communicate with your Service Company. With more understanding on what to look for you might even be able to fix the problem on your own or at least it is going to save you money since your technician will spend less time and also have a better chance of narrowing down the problem and avoid callbacks.

In fact, we are prepared to serve you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. And we always have an install crew on standby for customers in need of major repairs and installs.

If you depend on your home watch and are not home no worries. Our technicians are equipped with smartphones, enabling them to instantly send you photos and speak with you about the problem, helping you to play a more active role in the decision making process. Its just one more thing that makes our service special. And remember:

  • We never charge overtime fees.
  • Never pay a service charge with recommended repair.
  • BBB Accredited business with an A+ rating and never a complaint.
  • We accept all major credit cards, making payment easy.
  • We’ll take the extra time on the phone to help you trouble shoot and resolve minor issues.
  • With Upfront Pricing you will know the cost of your repair before we start, leave all the risk to us!
  • If you follow our recommendations we offer a one year limited labor warranty on parts replaced (Industry standard is 30 days).

Contact us today for the best conditioning service Naples, FL has to offer.

frozen condensor

AC Trouble Shooting

Ice on the line

If you see an ice buildup around the line
turn the entire system off and allow it to
defrost and thaw out completely. Make
sure that the system remains turned off
for a minimum of 3 hours before turning
it back on again.

breaker switch

AC Trouble Shooting

Check the Switch

Check inside of your breaker box. If the switch
has tripped to the off position just switch it back
to the on position and your unit should reset.

dehumidity station

AC Trouble Shooting


If your unit has a de-humidistat make sure that it's
turned to the on position. Now set your thermostat
to the cooling position and lower the setting.


AC Trouble Shooting


Is the battery icon flashing on your
thermostat? If the LED display isn't
working or is blank, remove the
cover and replace the batteries.

air filters

AC Trouble Shooting

Dirty Filters?

Dirty filters can cause your unit to
freeze up and stop working. Always
remember to replace old dirty filters
with new clean ones.


AC Trouble Shooting

Preventing Mold

Mold can be a real problem here in the
Southwest Florida climate. In order to
prevent it, make sure your de-humidistat
is always set to less than 70%. This will
create an environment that makes it
very difficult for mold to develop.

outside breaker

AC Trouble Shooting

Outside Breaker

Your system actually has two breakers, one's
inside your main breaker box and the other is
outside. It's usually located on the wall outside
of the home right by the AC unit. Check to see
if it has been tripped or if it's off?

dirty coils

AC Trouble Shooting

Dirty Coil

A dirty coil can cause your system to
suffocate and run inefficiently. If you
notice that your coil is dirty this is most
likely the culprit. Have the coil cleaned
immediately. Having a dirty coil not only
reduces the lifespan of your AC system,
it also causes the system to run less
efficiently which results in lower cooling
performance and higher energy bills.


AC Trouble Shooting

Try This First

Check your breaker box inside of your home and
see if the AC switches have been tripped. If they
have switch them back to the on position. The AC
unit will reset itself in a few moments and the
system should start cooling again.